An Acre of Green Grass
Buddhadeva Bose
Pp. 116; Papyrus, calcutta
First Pub. 1948; Papyrus ed. 1982; Reprint 1997

This book contains chapters titled: "Rabindranath", "Pramatha Chaudhuri", "Saratchandra Chattopadhyay", "Nazrul Islam", "Modern Bengali Poetry" and "Modern Bengali Prose". In the preface of the Papyrus edition, Naresh Guha writes: "The First four chapters of the book are devoted to four major figures of the period under consideration. Modern Bengali drama, as it then existed, has not been touched for obvious reasons. The last two extensive chapters then discuss the achievement of Bengali prose and poetry available before 1948. In doing this, the author has been scrupulously fair to every one except himself. Nowhere is an indication that the reviewer himself was also an important figure of the period, in fact more important than most of the authors so lovingly eulogized. His own name occurs as a footnote to the account. This exemplary modesty may be called a serious flaw of the book."