Selected Poems : Rabindranath Tagore
tr. William Radice
Pp. 208; Penguin Books
Year of Pub: 1985, Revised Ed. 1994
ISBN: 0-14-018366-3

"Acclaimed by Forster and Pound, for Yeats the poet whose poetry 'stirred my blood as nothing has for years', Tagore was and remains India's greatest writer this century. Prolific and innovatory as poet, novelsit, dramatist, musician and painter, he was also a leading figure in the nationalist movement, an intimate of Gandhi, a vastly influential educationalist and philosopher and a luminary in world culture.
William Radice's selections and translations from the Bengali reintroduce Tagore to a new generation of Western readers." - from the back cover of the book.
This edition also contains several Appendices, elaborate notes, and a glossary.

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