Murmur in the Woods Selected Poems of Sunil Gangopadhyay
tr. Sheila Sengupta
Pp. 103; Konark Publishers
Year of Pub: 2000
ISBN: 81-220-0568-3

About 70 poems of the famous poet including many from the "Neera" series have been selected and translated by Sheila Sengupta. "Known for his very distinctive style and use of lyrical expressions, Sunil has won the heart of the youth of Bengal over many generations now. He is passionately in love with life itself, and his poems have always reflected the voice of the youth -- through their moods of anger, love, despair and hope. His 'Neera' series which are an exquisite mix of the mystic and the romantic have earned him a very special place in the heart of every reader."
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