From Why do you whisper (Poem)

            Rabindranath Tagore 

     Translated from the original Bengali by
    Prasenjit Gupta

Why††††† do you whisper,

†††† dear††††† Death, my Death?

Why††††† do you come so softly close and stare:

†††† what††††† kind of love is this?

When††††† evening flowers

††††droop††††† on their tiring stems

When††† ††the cows return to their sheds

†††† after††† ††walking the field dawn to dusk

You††††† come on those so-gentle feet

†††† and††††† sit demurely at my side.

I††††† donít understand the things you say

†††† dear††††† Death, my Death.


From Utshorgo, No. 45. First published BE 1309.

Published in Parabaas August, 2010 (22-she Sraban, 1417)

Translated by Prasenjit Gupta.

Illustration by Nilanjana Basu.

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