But you've set my life alight (Song)

            Rabindranath Tagore 

     Translated from the original Bengali by
    Prasenjit Gupta

But you’ve set              my life alight

                                    with the fire of your melody

And now                      this fire’s spreading everywhere.

From branch                 to branch in these lifeless trees

                                    the fire dances its beat, its beat,             yes,

Lifting                           its arms to someone, to the sky.

Every star                     of the dark

                                    stares speechless―

From where                  does this frenzied breeze blow this way?

On midnight’s               breast

                                    this clear, this golden, lotus blooms,       yes;

Who can tell                 what powers belong to fire.


"tumi je surer aagun..", Puja, No. 6.

Published in Parabaas August, 2010 (22-she Sraban, 1417)

Translated by Prasenjit Gupta.

Illustration by Nilanjana Basu.

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