Ramanath Ray (b. 1940)

Ramanath Ray was born on January 3, 1940 in Kolkata. He obtained an M.A. in Bengali from the Calcutta University. Right from the beginning of his literary life, he discarded the so called realist style, which, according to him, did not hold much realism from mere overuse. Instead, he forged his own new style to reflect the contemporary society. With a mixture of realism and fantasy, and suffused with sense of deep irony, his short stories and novels reveal the contradictions and voids in the different facets of the society. He does not pontificate wielding a typical satirist's pen; instead Ramanath often shows the sufferings and hoplessness of his characters in a vein of what may be called "dark humor." But with surprising sympathy to many of the characters. This ability to combine compassion with a keen sense of irony has earned him a unique position in Bengali literature.

(--from the blurb of a book)

Published June20, 2011

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