Ferry Of The Soul
Kalidas Bhattacharya
[At the end of the following poem, the poet shortens his name to "Kali" as well, to pun with the name of his goddess.]

Oh Tara, ferry of the soul,
help me get across!
I've fallen into the waves
and don't know how to swim.
My body is a worn-out boat
laden heavily with sin.
What can I grasp, what can I do?
I can't cross
this ocean of existence
on my own.

I thought I'd go to Banaras,
and live the holy life
while waiting to die.
But I fell into the waters
of the ocean of desire;
now I'm drowning again.
I can't reach either shore,
they're both so far away.
You're the ferryman in the middle-
the poet Kali's only hope
is Kali at the helm.