Make Me Crazy, Brahma-filled Mother
Trailokyanath Sanyal

Make me crazy,
O Brahma-filled mother!
I no longer need
my judgment or reason.
Intoxicate me
with the wine of your love!
I no longer have any use for
my judgment or reason.

O Mother who steals her devotees' hearts,
Drown me in an ocean of passion!

In your madhouse,
some laugh, some cry
and some dance with joy.
Jesus, Moses, and Chaitanya*
are all struck senseless
by the weight of your love.
Mother, when will I be blessed
and become one with them?
In heaven your lunatics
gather in a parade,
gurus no better than disciples.
No one understands
the whimsical play of your love!
You too are maddened
and rave impassioned-
Mother, you are
the crowning jewel of the mad!
Make your beggar servant rich
with the same love-madness!

*Chaitanya is the well-known Bengali Vaishnava saint and teacher of the fifteenth-sixteenth centuries.