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Desh (দেশ)
(Fortnightly, $35/3mos., $65/6mos., $115/year)

Anandaloke (আনন্দলোক)
(Fortnightly, $35/3mos., $65/6mos., $115/year)

Sananda (সানন্দা)
(Fortnightly, $60/3mos., $100/6mos., $195/year (incl. 4 special issues))

Boi-er Desh (বইয়ের দেশ)
(Quarterly, $45/year)

Anandamela (আনন্দমেলা)
(Fortnightly, $35/3mos., $60/6mos., $110/year)

Femina (ফেমিনা)
(Monthly, $30/3mos., $50/6mos., $90/year)

Arek Rakam (আরেকরকম)
(সম্পা. অশোক মিত্র)
(Fortnightly, $30/3mos., $55/6mos., $95/year)

Masik Krittibas (মাসিক কৃত্তিবাস)
(Monthly, $30/3mos., $50/6mos., $85/year)

Sandesh (সন্দেশ)
(Quarterly, $60/year)

Saptahik Bortaman (সাপ্তাহিক বর্তমান)
(Weekly, $5/Per Mag., $45/3mos., $85/6mos., $160/year)

Sukhi Grihakon (সুখী গৃহকোণ)
(Monthly, $30/3mos., $45/6mos., $80/year)

Shiladitya (শিলাদিত্য)
(Monthly, $35/3mos., $50/6mos., $90/year)

Nabakallol (নবকল্লোল)
(Monthly, $30/3mos., $50/6mos., $90/year)

Prosad (প্রসাদ)
(Monthly, $35/3mos., $50/6mos., $95/year)

Long Journey (Monthly, Bhromon, $35/3mos., $60/6mos., $105/year)

Ekush Shatak (একুশ শতক)
(Monthly, $30/3mos., $50/6mos., $80/year)

ManPaban (মনপবন)
(Four-monthly, Bhromon, $50/year)

Bhraman (ভ্রমণ)
(Monthly, $35/3mos., $45/6mos., $80/year)

Suktara (শুকতারা)
(Monthly, $30/3mos., $50/6mos., $90/year)

Chelebela (ছেলেবেলা)
(Monthly, $30/3mos., $50/6mos., $85/year)

Chira Sabuj Lekha (চিরসবুজ লেখা)
(Quarterly, $80/year)

Gyanbichitra (জ্ঞানবিচিত্রা)
(Monthly, $30/3mos., $50/6mos., $85/year)

KishoreBharati (কিশোরভারতী)
(Monthly, $30/3mos., $50/6mos., $90/year)

Udbodhan (উদ্বোধন)
(Monthly, $30/3mos., $50/6mos., $85/year)

Kathasahitya (কথাসাহিত্য)
(Monthly, $30/3mos., $50/6mos., $85/year)

Hangla Hneshel (হ্যাংলা হেঁশেল
(Food Magazine, Monthly, $45/3mos., $75/6mos., $130/year)

Stardust (Monthly, $20/Per Mag., $55/3mos., $105/6mos., $200/year)

Filmfare (Fortnightly, $70/3mos., $130/6mos., $250/year)

Femina (Fortnightly, $70/3mos., $130/6mos., $250/year)

Business Today (Fortnightly, $70/3mos., $130/6mos., $250/year)

India Today (Weekly, $100/3mos., $180/6mos., $350/year)

Unish-Kuri (উনিশ-কুড়ি)
(Fortnightly, $45/3mos., $75/6mos., $125/year)

Adwitiya (অদ্বিতীয়া)
(Monthly, $35/3mos., $60/6mos., $110/year)

Maasik Basumoti (মাসিক বসুমতী)
(Monthly, $35/3mos., $55/6mos., $100/year)

Krittibas (কৃত্তিবাস)
(Little Mag)

Kabi Sammelan (কবিসম্মেলন)
(Little Mag)

Korok (কোরক)
(Little Mag)
(Pls. enquire with us)

Anustup (অনুষ্টুপ)
(Little Mag)
(Pls. enquire with us)

Bibhab (বিভাব)
(Little Mag)
(Pls. enquire with us)

Dhrubapad (ধ্রবপদ)
(Special Yearly Issue)
(Pls. enquire with us)

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