Narayan Gangopadhyay (1919 - 1970)

Noted litterateur and renowned professor/academician, Narayan Gangopadhyay (real name: Taraknath) was born in Baliadanga in Dinajpur, East Bengal, on February 7, 1919. His ancestral home was in Basudebpur, Barishal. In 1941, he stood first class first in M.A. in Bengali from Calcutta University and later went on to earn his D.Phil for his research in the field of short stories in Bengali literature. He taught at the City College and later at the Calcutta University.

His first brush with writing came during his student years, when he tried his hand at poetry. Later he made his mark as a writer of short stories, novels and plays and also emerged as a critic and journalist. In the early 1940s he wrote a

Narayan Gangopadhyay receiving
Basumati Literary Prize.
On the right is Premendra Mitra. (1970[?])

three-part novel called Upanibesh. He also regularly contributed to Shonibarer Chithi and was felicitated by Basumati the famous literary magazine. In his later years, he wrote biting satire on the prevalent social and political issues for Desh under the pseudonym Sunando. Among his famous works are Bitangsho, Surjasarathi, Timirtirtha, Alor Sarani, Ek-tala, Rammohan (play), Chhotogalpo Bichitra, Padasanchar, Samrat O Sreshthi, Ankush, Sahityo O Sahityik, Bangla Galpobichitra, Chhotogalper Seemarekha and Rabindranath. Two of his plays, Bhadate Chai and Agantuk, which were enacted by writers, were highly acclaimed.

Narayan Gangopadhyay is also the creator of Tenida and his adventures—which remain till date most popular among children's literature.

With Dr. Sisir Kumar Ghosh
of Santiniketan.
(12 July, 1965).

Following are some samples of Narayan Gangopadhyay's manuscript:

Published February 7, 2007

(We gratefully acknowledge Mr. Arijit Gangopadhyay for supplying the photographs and the MSs.)

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