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NEW: Check out Parabaas AxarBangla - the new word processor for Bangla/Ahamiya that allows font-font conversions! Brought to you by Parabaas.

Parabaas Axar is a Word Processor/Web Publication Tool that allows you to write Indian languages in Roman letters using a simple transliteration scheme based on Itrans. Support is currently available for the following languages: Ahamiya, Bangla, Hindi and Marathi. To order customized support for specialized applications please contact parabaas@parabaas.com

A Screen Print of Parabaas Axar in the Two Pane Mode


A Screen Print of Parabaas Axar in the One Pane Mode

Follow the links below to download a Demo version of Parabaas Axar. 

1. License Agreement (Must Read). 
2. Installation Help. 
3. Axar User Manual. 

Parabaas is spearheading an effort to standardize the 8 bit Bengali font map. The current version of Parabaas Axar uses a Minimal Glyph Map, a new concept in Indic language fonts that will help forge a universal standard in Indian language font maps. 

Acknowledgements: The following two free fonts are provided with Parabaas Axar - ItxBeng and xdvng. ItxBeng is a free font, developed by Srikrishna Patil and originally distributed with the ITRANS package (developed by Avinash Chopde, creator of the freeware ITRANS) from http://www.aczone.com/itrans/. We are grateful to Arun Gupta, creator of xdvng, for permission to use xdvng.


Disclaimers: This version is a beta release intended for testing. Volunteers sought for testing out Parabaas Axar for Devanagari. Read licence agreement prior to using.

copyright (c) 2003, Parabaas, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 



  1. OS Independence: Parabaas Axar is a pure Java product. In our tests we have found it to be platform independent. It works with equal ease on Windows 9X, Linux and Solaris. Needs to be tested on Macs.
  2. English Keyboard: Parabaas Axar works on the usual English keyboard (qwerty). A different Indian language keyboard is not needed. 
  3. Simple Installation: Parabaas Axar is installed easily. The instalaltion on Windows 9X is a single click procedure. 
  4. Free Fonts: Parabaas Axar uses free fonts available on the net. 
  5. Itrans: Parabaas Axar employs the widely used transliteration scheme Itrans, which supports all Brahmi based Indian scripts. 
  6. Portability of Documents: Parabaas Axar produces Indian text documents in text and html formats that can be read by any operating system. 
  7. Real Time Transliteration: Parabaas Axar performs real time conversion of transliterated text (in Roman script) to Indian language text in (Devanagari or Bengali scripts). Reverse conversion from Indian language text to transliterated text is also supported. 
  8. Two Pane Mode: Transliterated text in Roman script and text in Indian scripts can be seen side by side if preferred. 
  9. Word Processing Utilities: Common word processing utilities such as cut, paste, copy, undo, search, replaceetc are available.
  10. Styles: Parabaas Axar supports text in various colors and styles including bold, italized e.t.c.