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Many thanks to Minakshi-di (this might not be the way she writes her name). I feel like, I am in love with the first half of the last century. Could we have some more articles of this kind? What about something from Mr. Dutta? I avoided 'Joti-da' to avoid the same mistake with his name in English. Could we have something on '202'? Even today, 'Kabitabhavan' is something that steals my sleep. Regards for the fortunate peoples who grew up in and around '202'. I am sure, Joti-da (again? sorry, I could not help it) will be laughing at my childish English. But that's ok. It's always worth seeing laughter in his evergreen face.

~TBɰ S (

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I am really overwhelmed by the article on Presidency College. Although I was not fortunate to study in Presidency, I have had oppurtunities to meet Presidencians later in my life - in IIT Delhi as well as in IIT Kanpur. Well written article, full of nostalgic reminiscences.

Professor Amritasu Sinha (

Dear Mrs. Datta,

Please accept my apologies at the outset for my choice of language. You have been known to be choosy about the language in which letters have been addressed to you. However, you will appreciate that, to communicate with you, I was constrained by technology to pick a language which, I believe, is not quite close to your heart.

As an alumnus of Presidency College myself (1988-91; Economics Hons.), I really enjoyed your article. Your prose is lucid and free-flowing. I wish to thank you for taking time out to write about your college which so many of us across the world consider our own.

However, there is no reference to Promod-da - the able and amiable manager of the College canteen where we have raised thousands of storms in tea cups. Did the canteen exist when you were a student? Just a query which I felt I should submit along with my congratulations for the article.

Best regards.

Debashish Ghoshal (

TfSQf BShaS s J T @S @UB @FAxvSq AaU S | j@BS IA @ O, @vUv, qFA AS ~^ T @TSdT-j AcAn @ ~ɮS | aU @TSdT-j @f AAS BSS S | cɮ-j ToFT Tɰ- R @FAxvS-j cF ~ BS nUZ@@ ~S @aS AAS (jce ~TR, - ɰ@ )|

Excellent writing.

Arun Saha (

Dear Meenakshi-di,

I am lot, lot junior to you. I passed from the Science College, Rajabazar campus in 1986. But I could still see my days in the College in your writing. This is one of the best I have read till now. Meenakshi-di, we want to read a lot more from you.


Monish Sengupta (

I was a student of the Presidency college during 1969-72. This article brought back those golden years with their smiles & tears.

Dr. Mrs. Jayanti Adhikari(

It was a pleasure to read this fantastic article called Presidency College. What do I say to an article which so wonderfully captures the college life of kolkatta! All in all, it is a fantastic piece of writing.

Rapti Khurana (

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~T TS TfSQf, BFAT jJ jce jJ TTA@ s TSK @ ަUT, J ~T O ~S@ dH jce ~oAS@ | ɰ-AA, TA-T cU qha @ S, ST o @ qha @ jce M Aw vT i v @T بU wJB A ~ɮ qha @ |

MTF r (

Enjoyed reading the Presidency College piece very much. Gives a rare and intimate glimpse, not to mention some well known fellows. The intellectual atmosphere comes across very well.

Amitabha Sen, Chicago.

Nɦ cF - AO^S @Ш

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...keep it up. BSf wɲc @بɮq |

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Excellent reading.

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cB f ASAc Z r r
ks gkH"

"~c@ AnU b@ r "

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US drf (

Extremely touching and artistic.

Dr. Mrs. Jayanti Adhikari ( )

OA^ - ǩc ATn

R R ! R R !

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OTl@ gK | AcrK @ "~ATR بvUT A@aAS U"- ~T@ gfKH vSa | c i@q ASB ASB T @ @Ac@ ~Sgc @S | jq @Acv Tc ަ ~AT B@ T Jv ~Aخ sAhaUT | ZS Ag g @ش @ A@ @AhaU S, c @R S @R MJac gfKH ɦ | ~T T o jq @U WAaU ... "~ATR بvUT A@aAS U" | AF, TIToF @ ~ S @ cFcoS TSF | @MAr@ @a @ ~ @Ac ~r qU |

US drf (

Excellent, It's a really good approach -- a new thing of life has to be preserved in museum.

Sudip Bhattacharya (B_SUDIP@HOTMAIL.COM )

Tm mpA - AB c

Zc gU Uwa |

Awfr wwq (

ASAv @Ac - @MAr@ S

Fantastic poems. Specially the first and the third one. Unbelievable. In future, hope to read some more poems by this poet.

Sikha Karmakar ( )

q ~SF U@v - cɮc c

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w\v SfU @Ac TS wU - "s UZ ~AT S, @S s ~T Kf @.." | gU Uwa |

US drf ( )

@ @ - ɦ BU

Kathar Katha is simply e-x-c-e-l-l-e-n-t. The underlying message is very significant, language smart & lucid, and above all, tone of humor is smart & amazing. THANK YOU FOR THE THOROUGH ENJOYMENT.

Dr. Mrs. Jayanti Adhikari (

mok - USOJ Oncf

AF gU Uwa UZv Zc | jq UAZ@ UZ ~wR Aa ~SF Bw ~ cR | AF gU UZS | ~AT AF Ac q F^ wTAv Z AhaUT, ~Sgc @ AaUT ASBS R M^s | PTAUf@ ~T Zc ST R ATA cU TS U UAZ@ H, sAR gK Ac^Acw ~AT A@aq BAS S | rfU @ASf ~F^ TTmrf | rArAU UAZ@, jq @T ~ UZ c ~r @A |


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BAS S c i@ ToF A@r g̩f @ @d TS ~a A@S | ZSR A@a A@a @\AcS w\ R s j@ @U (Svc\v On ~T AO jZSq) |

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: AcoS O^ ɮ (
خ, AvTxv ~c BUAB; qASgAAv ~c Brf; Brf-6205, ceUr

oSFcɰ ceU @\AcS AcK cUfU j@Av OS R BSF | ~ɮU ceU @\AcS OS rS-j-SBU @ cTS wA@pA AS j@T mS @R ZAa cU TS @ Aa S | AS:^ gU R ScF ɮ | c, ceUrR gU @\AcS UZ ha | ʩ: \UZ @ , cF@ i@ɰp : Bɬ q@cU OS Tk @ |

UAZ@@ ~T^H qU ceUr @\AcS ަ | ~, cA c BSF A@-c v@v@ ~CU OAU ^ j@v ceU @\AcS AUZ US S @S !

g@TS | Tr̬ f (

ceU بU - ~dHe Ae


AT ɮ (

Very beautiful and Lovely!

M. Ramaswamy (

@FqB-j a بUAv ST ~TUɮ | AxvA@ ST BS Sq | c بUAv TS ~TUɮ-q |

^f ASwf (

~T vwɬ BShaS s ~AS Ai@q cUaS | بUAv ~TUɮ | ~SF ST JU, c cJUAi | qeAB Labernum | Ai@ ̰ɩ Ac ~S F ިm iS cFcm @a cɮ -- ɰ@ |

Parabaas Translation : KhichuRi by Sukumar Ray, Translator : Prasenjit Gupta

Excellent translation. While it's impossible to translate Sukumar's unique words into another language, Mr Prasenjit Gupta certainly carried out a commendable job in trying to extend the flavour of Sukumar's work to a greater audience.

Luna Rushdi (

mvTmv-j ̩S-j A@aQH (FABl eZF)

I just saw the movie Teen Kanya in cable TV here in Braslia-Brazil and I would like to know if you have this article (interview with Chandana Banerjee) in English. If the answer is yes, it would be very nice if you could send me via email:

Leonardo Lisita


cc TS jq sw ~S sA TS ceU UZ j@v AST-@SS PA @ S; U ~S@ A@ @ j@v @B @B | rK sF^ Z sc ~S@ AcAr cɮ @ػ ~w Z d @aS | o q S, c ceU oްf AF gc a c d @U | ceU rZR ~w Z A | ~cCAU@ ަq A, jTSA@ Rr B^ SR cf ^S m\ ceU cU R rS ~gFɮ @ ~Q S AOSR ceU AF U d @US | A@ dH cF c cUS ? ~S@ ~S@ ~Agswq ~ @c S | RZS BFAT ~aS BAS, j@B swF TSK | J ~^A@ sAw ~S@ B i @Bv | j o ~So | cTS j @Bv cO BdA cU TS U cUq AUZUT | R r c c T @B @ A@ dH cF S ? qha @U ~S cS |

~AgABl OoF (

cɮ-j UZ ~S AOA^ T^cF iS

© 2003, Parabaas, Inc.