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STm ! gU UwU @AcAv | "m ɦ w^ ^ AJa s"- Zc ^ CA | ~S@AS ~S @Ac UT | ~ UZ BSF gha qU |


^ j@v @Ac |

ABS ( )

Zc ^ @Ac |

SA^Sf, (

@Acv TS U, j@v SS Bw ~Acy ! ~T @Acv Zc gU UwU | @Ac@ OS qha qU |

FABl FSFU | ( )

The poem is absolutely amazing!!! Of course it was expected
from such a talented writer -Luna Zubaira Rushdi!

Ifa, ( )

c^Ψ ~Q : j. @. jT. ~Bɰ TS

c^Ψ ~Q - @Ac j. @. jT. ~Bɰ TS j@Av ~oH @Ac | AAv UqS sS ~cw As wJ | @Ac Y rkSF ~ Ac AAv rNq بv ia | ~T cq @S S @S c^Ψ ~Q A@ | c^ΨfS BfcS s @ة AcKuTs, jq @AcAv ަUq cI s | jUxv j@Av Ymrf @Ac BSF @Ac@ BSq ~S@ ~S@ gha | UZ BfcS ~ ~S@ U @TS @Aa | gAcKF jq UZ@ ~ @Ac ަ ~r cF qU |

jT. ~@r

I think A.K.M. Azadur Rahman is actually a very young poet and his poem shows, through words, the real picturisation of a young friendly heart. ... The line I particularly like is: 'rNfS T Tq -- rK ˻S Tq',real sensation of life. Yes, I wish his success as a poet.

Md. Samiul Alam, Dhaka, Bangladesh, ( )

~AT BU j@BS c^Ψ | ~T A. q.- j@خ UZަ @Aa | R UZ ~T ~F^ gU Uw |
Really his poem is very attractive; the poem titled bondhur opekkha is a call of a very close friend -- I wish his success in Bengali literature. I try to read Parabaas although I am busy, but I like it.

Bonna Ahmed , ( Dhaka

I am a college student, living in Dhaka; I want to say that the poem written by Mr. A.K.M. Rahman is very nice, friendly -- I am happy to read it.

Sabir Ahmed (

ASAv @Ac : fArZ ɳ

STm ! ~S ASAv @Acq Zc gU UwU | f @Ac F@Av | ~ UZ BSF gha qU |


T @Acv cr "vAUe" |

( )

S @AcAv@Ac ~SgkA mr @ ... aJ s | AcrK @ rK ASAv CA @Ac ަ rK wUR TS ~SAH @ | AF gU @Ac |

dH @, ~c oAc |
( )

AXTAn@ : ǩc ATn

OTl@ @Ac | Zcq TpH, ASvU |

c ~wAmvS wTB
( )

Av @Ac : ~SĨ ri

@AcAv mhas IUTU | B a^ Xo cFS T cc ަ ~wf @ |

dH @, ~coAc
( )

Tq cAU, @AcAv gU Uwa | "j@v AZ, j@U AZ" TS As AU rA
powerful Heine ~Scɰ, "q AZAv" |

j@Av AZ, ~T A@, @SS
UA@ ަa TS TS
@ o q ZJBAa AZ j@U j@ |
@q? AZAv S Z
q AZAv S Z

~S@ U cB AZ ~ɮa OU
A@^, ~T a^ q AZAv
jce, ~T a^ q AZAvq !

jq s gc OA,
is this *plagiarism* a problem? Probably not. c xv ~ɴv @UT | ~T A@gc gU @Ac X subconsciously influenced q, Zc BSF | "jZS @ش o.." - jqZS AUZU ~ gU S A@ ?

"A@ا Tp cɩɮ g mS" -- بU cɩɮ g S, بU w^ |
So why not "A@ا cɩɮ w^ g mS" ?

a^ީS ~ Wva "jZS o ~FUT @ SS AS" UqS, jce "o sZS cpA TT BUq" UqS | , "f BUq" jTS@f "~U ~S", ~SF s@S AXTAn@ rN |

j wU rN-a^ TUOS | ~T ~ɮU TF @Ac AT |
How very male! ~AT ~Aa ~T@ AS, ATR ~a ~T@ AS ? Very conceited, very arrogant very narcissistic.

And, as we all know, very real.

( )

~SĨ :

T ~S@ oSFcɰ @Acv j TSsw A ަ BSF | ~S @ AcAo @ S, TSF A@a AcK ~U@ɩ @ jq AOAi ~cH |

s gc OA @ ~AS cUaS, v ~crFq S S | c ~cOS gcR S -- @H cU UB @UR mf@ @Aa, rA OoF @Ac ~AT Zc @Tq Aa, ~ jv ަUT T jq ~S UZ | @Bq OA jv@ cU s S -- opĩ TS S-U cU A s ~T gcS ~w @r @-sR j@BS c @Ac gcS ATU sha (sv ~ɮU ~T @a wcq AcK) | c c @Ac UZ s ~T@ qSV^ @ j-AS @S ^ Sq |

a^ީS mf@ @ ASAha ... c بU S بU w^ cɩɮ ga q w^ rNvR \UZ @ c, @Ac@ jv jAAv q c ? c, AxvA@ ? U ~S@ gU @Ac@R @vaJ @ Uv A ... ~ɮU Rq UqSv j@v "gqvFU" rN (~T @a) Tp ... o ASS ɮSS Iv cr A@av k, cɩɮ cqa TpU ... ~ w^ s g ~ɮa vR Tp ... jq ABASrv cI OAaUT Rq j@v UqS | qha@pgc coF @ @S sA Sq jv ~ATR TAS, A@ا Tp rNv cɰ S-A AUZ wU jgc UZ aɦ AaU S |

@Ac fT AS ~S T^cF cO qxvAmve Uwa ~T |
Narcissistic, conceited, arrogant ? jce, `How very male ?'

~ha, @Ac ~AT sgc jce s gc AUZAaUT v j@v cUAa -- jv j@v qxvAvrS Tn, ~crFq @Ac F@ i@R ASBm, c jQn ~T oH ~S qxvAvrS-j ~S ASBm A@a ~A-cU RAASS-j gc Zc cAr @ a |

@Acv T A@v Zc ~AgTS | UQ @dS ASB@ AS cJO A@ qFA AS cU q cU ha -- sTS AT cUAaU, TS O... ~˻l jq ASB@ AS @v o ASB qhaɮZq S, jv ԩAT cUAaU cU cvR |

jq ~AT ~ ԩAT ~˻l j ~w ~S@ A@a ja, j@v wv ~U @ػ, j@v @ػ ~ߨ s @SAS AF c S -- jq ԩAT AA Asa ~AT@ ~SF @S S @ -- q Ac, ~AgTS, j@@fL ~a @Ac T UqSU ....

j@v Qg-R |

A@ا jv rK sZS ~AT hOH @a ~S cU ATR ~a ~T AS... ZS v @S ~e@ c Ac @ S -- j@ j@ @ɴ@ gUcɮ cɮ ~ q gUcɮ@ A @ @ @ش sZS UANo @ jq ~SgkA j@ S, ~SFBSR ASEOq jq j@q cS ToF A sha, qT r^ hOH | ~T AS TS o ~T AS S -- A@ا ~T cA@a sTS T S-@v ~a, TAS T cA@a ToF @R S @R ~AT @ wAa, ~^ A@a A@a Tk jTSq TS , jTSq hOH |

sTS AT cUAaU -- jq ASv rN jqBSFq Z jq @Acv |

j ~@c @Acv ZS -- jZS A@ TS ha
narcissistic, concieted c arrogant? Uw , @H ~AgTS ~S@خTq self-centered.

A@ا j R sA cUS
`how very male,' ~AT Acɰ @ coF c | @H, sAR ~T STv Z gU gc Zc mgAc@, A@ا I am not a male -- ~AT gfKHgc j@BS T | jce jq @Acv, jce ~T c @Acq, ~T ASBm UANo @ UZ |

rK @ ~w ~c cAU, ~T gfKH gU Uwa ~S T^cF , jce ~S gU Uwa cU | gAcKFR ~S @a @ TkUFcS T^cF c ~r @Aa |

JOAv qJ Z Bw ~Aa ɩ : A̮ TT

cmcoTf jq @T @Ac ަ BSF ~T fW ~Q @ |
@Ac@ ocɰ BSq |


Most probably the poem is written or we can say inspired from "Aat bochor ager ekti din" by Jibanananda Das. Though I have full faith in the author's creative ideas, howverver I would like to say this particular poem looks like a very faint imitaion of "Aat bochhor ager ekti din". Like different "upoma", "chitrokoplo", and the flow of the poem are almost copied from the previous mentioned poem. I dont know whether the author has just tried to re-write the poem into his/her own language!

Samiran Ghosh (

AUTA@ha : AcFl cH OMof

I like it. It's beautiful. I want more such limericks. Thank you very much.

Hasin Rahman ( )

I liked the limericks very much. Thanks for sharing.

Debu Sen, ( )

^ ! FxvAmv@ ! ~ Oq !

gc TBT
( )

TS : ˻ Oncf

~S UZ @AcAv Zc dH a |

( )

Needs to be extended. It is too short..!!

Prabir Basu ( )

ASAv a : @MAr@ S

I enjoyed them very much. They are real poems. Most of the poems we see these days are not real kobita. I look forward to read more from him.

fATs ( )

a ASv Zcq gU UwU | cɮ ~AT ASAT A jce Zc gw @A | v^UrSU OTl@ | keep up the good work.

cɮcf PTn ( )

@UB mvfv vM : ~dHe Ae

1. Hare School entrance
2. Dwarbhanga Building, Calcutta University

ǩc S, O^q - 600113 (

I could not figure out where to send the answer for Mr. Arunangshu Sinha's photo quiz on 'College Street Gallery' series. So I decided to send an email to Parabaas instead.

The top photo is taken from the southern entrance to Presidency College from College Street. What we see there is the Hare School building and a glimpse of the Becker Laboratory building.

The bottom photo is, strange as it may sound, but my guess is, of Arabindo Bhaban in Jadavpur University campus.

Anindya Basu, Denver, Colorado, (

1. Hare School
2. Darbhanga Building, CU.

Indranil Sen, (

Your page on Kolkata with the web photos are no doubt excellent. There is however one misnaming in one of your photogtraphs. The one that has been labeled as Calcutta Medical College is however the photograph of The Calcutta University, Ashutosh Building, Central entrance. It is ignominious to have an instiution of such heritage to be named wrongly, so please do the required correction at your behest. Also the answer space to the quiz is unavailable.

Mou Sircar,
69, Beleghata Main Road,
Kokata 700010
West Bengal,

TA@ػS TU@ Tɮ@@ - S^S

The piece is excellent. I'm from Columbus, OH, U.S.A. Everything is real. With my best wishes, and advance thanks to the writer for the next part.

Mrs. Swagata Bhattacharya (

Really enjoyed reading the columns sent by the author. Made for refreshing reading. Do keep up the good work. Looking forward to more such great articles in the future.

Shalini, (

~AT Ai@ ɩAS ~w ~FTA@ jAa - "scBfcS Xf^" S UR ~^: JO ca BSF | UZv ަ ަ A Tk TS AhaU, j sS ~Tq @ | UZ AFHR ~oH | jTS mha^ UZ ~S@AS c ަUT | Zc gU UwU.. ~ TSv ~ j@v Z wU |

Mg gOs (

'Excellent' is a small word to describe it!...I admire the sense of humor of Mr. Datta. I shall look forward for many more articles from him in Parabaas. My best wishes to Mr. Nandan Datta !

Dip (

S^S UZ Zc gU UwU | j ~w q^SfU r UZ w- ~UOS Zc gU UwAaU | S^f@ Sv@ AO@S F R cAU cCU ~Scɰ JdAv R Ta IU UZvR Zc gU Uwa | @U@ɩ AcAvr @ɴA^U Uqcf MU ~S UZ ަ sw Zc gU Uw |

f WK (

fH BFAA^S - ~U@

Zcq AOA^ jce TkUFcS UZ |

cHf (

I am happy to note that in your site (Parabaas), the probandho about Jyotirindranath Thakur is excellent. I am really enjoying to see your site and learn about the Thakur Paribar's kahini, and specially about Jyotirindranath Thakur's interest and contributions on sangeet.

Sanjoy Bhowal, (

I congratulate the writer. It is excellent!!! Lot of valuable information, and it is so interesting to know his life history. Thanks Again!!

Sirajus Salekin, (, Sydney, Australia.

ɩAc wBU - q^SfU r

I have been reading Parabaas for a long time and never found anything very objectionable, other than this particular piece. In this issue, it has crossed all limits! I'm shocked to read this series! What is this? You call this literature? This is no better than a pornographic picture; the only difference is that this writing got a solid stamp of an established literary magazine. How could you allow this to get published? Will you refer this writing to any of your friends? Do you think that this has a high literary value? If you don't think so, how could you publish it? Stop this series immediately. We are modern, but so far as literature is concerned, being cultured and traditional to some extent do not take away the freedom of the writers. Stop this polished burglary of our sense and culture.

Pratik Datta , (

UZv ~w-T A@ha cI Aa S | @TS sS Zaɦ, @Sv @Sv @SR @ػ Sq | aɦ, jq eZF UZv TS U s ~S ~S^U@ mvF ST s OqaS | UZ AcKcm ~^:esw jce rUfS cB Z S wU ~ v AF U A@ ? cɮ TS ha ~ ަ sc S |


UZ@ : AOAiv @@v @ cU @ | T, c T j@v AcSTkUF An@ -JOv UZ a^ S U cA@ UZU ަc S cUU v ASB@q rAm R sha S ? AXfݩ, cFAwBfcS sJ ~T@ OSS J @Uq BSS ~AT @cɩ @f@T AOcݨwm c Ar | c Sq c @S, ~T Acrɮ s SwAq avcU @ ~T gAcKFl II @ Aa | e jq ɩ A AF@ ~rfU UZ cS ~c | ɩ m j@v A@a cA Aw @U BSF ~AT ~FUBqB @Aa | pfݩ, SwA ~T@ ccɰ @ AUR -- ~Smf@s s jv pAcf ZJAv TS JS cpl Ar\U ToF ~SFT | @Ac @ة aU@ oe @ | q cU A@ @Ac@ SfAAcdXo cU WKH @ AO ? SwA@ ~@H j AK ~T s sc rAT@ rT R cAXo A jq Ar\, jq TAB@ R ~˻PSA@ BS ~cTS @U o ި ja ިAUr, TA, R BSS sZS qha sTS qha ~FO @ r | TSAc@ @H SwA A SrfU w U ~T @ | s@S rAT@ r A j@v SFST rXo wHA^@ ~cR c @a ~r @ s | ~T PSA^S cFc gK SwA AR sS v @r | B Uq, rc c TU Ay @ r ASs rAT@@ TAO, T c T cU T j@v ~rXo gc jZS ~T TB ~S@ hOH OU ~ | Swɬ @ TSA@ة @S l Sq | j TB ɮL R lfS@q r R |

rK cUc s "ɩAc wBU" j@v Fw\ | kn Zq A UU TrA@U | @H c knq @A |

O^ - cHf Oncf

Chandrahato written by Saborni Chakraborty is an emotionally charged article. As a doctor I must appreciate the description of a psychotic person.

Diptasree Sen, (

~Xg ^gc j@BS TSK TSA@ ~cm@ U o a | c TSKq ASBm AS @ | cmc Bw @ ~Uɰ Uq @ ~T wU cAU | @ ~Sgc @ Zcq @AiS | UZ@@ ~T oSFcɰ, AAS TSK@ cIc O @aS |


~oH w\ | ~AT SS Ai@ | ~S c ASAT Ai@ R qha qU | jq @T ^ TFwABS ZJBAaUT ~AT | ~T gha qU |


sZS TSK TU - Ac@r Oncf

A wonderful article. I wish there were more articles/stories like this in the Bengali media, electronic or otherwise, with rural Bengal as background. We hardly know anything about the rural Bengal and her culture. Please encourage the authors to write more such stories.

Indrajit Ganguli, ( )

vS - TfBS TS


Fatemolla (

mok : USOJ Oncf

w\v T AS q OT@ wAaUT, gUUw ~ArsF | ~B ~c ަUT | TS ha j gU w\ cAS AAS | USOJ Oncf@ ~T ~^A@ oSFcɰ ; q cɮ @ةpQ@R, ~kc j@ w\ ~T R BSF |

@UFH TBT, VA̦ @ |

USOJ cf UZ Zc gU UwU | ocA@ SFɮ Oq RJ @a @ |


~oH UZ | j@v a OAn ToFT wT-ceU jq ~oH OUAOn@ U o BSF ~eZF oSFcɰ USOJ@ | wT ceU@ ~B ~T gU cAa | jq UZv TS sS j@v AcF OT@ jU | @ش sS o A AS wU ~T@ mpAv cca ~w | jq SvUAB@ gK cHS @ @AiS | UAZ@@ ~T ~^A@ gha |

^S ɮ ~Ao@f


ASAc i : UUSf enT : ɰ @TUf

A reflective piece, Saad Kamali's essay has done a good job in providing an excellent summary of the book. It encouraged me to read the book and that's what a good review of a good book is expected to accomplish.

Salahuddin Ayub (

w T^frS : ɰ @TUf

The story narrates an incident that seems to be very much alien to me. I don't know if such things occur in Bangladesh. As far as the writing style is concerned, I must say that the writer could not depict it nicely. I mean the writer could have made it a more interesting sort of a story. But nevertheless the content gave me a new idea about which I had never thought (not even imagined) before.

Somnath Maji (

jq UZ ~S @TS UwU ?

© 2002, Parabaas, Inc.