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Barisal and Beyond—Essays on Bangla Literature, Chronicle Books (An Imprint of DC Publishers), New Delhi, 2008; | ISBN: 8180280365

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(Barisal and Beyond Essays on Bangla Literature);UZ@ ST ASvS Ac. fAU (Clinton B. Seely) | ceU AF AcAg^ AcK R AcAg^ A@ AS ASB pAgA, AcrKH ~ UANo cF @aS ~TA@-cɮf cgK R ceU AF ~Swf jq wcK@ ~oF@ |

~w ~T TSKAv@ j@v AOS Sc O @A | q O B @ AaS AAS ASBq | c^-e@USAv AcAocXo AUZSAU AcSFm @c ~w kAOg @aS j@Av cr@ -OS, s ST Uw - ~LAO | Ai@ jgcq AUZSAv AUA@p 'Atmaparicay' | ceU rN@ jgcq TI TI ASB qeAB-c@fA ATAU ASaS AAS | j@Av ~UOS cc sA jTS s, TkU gKAv qeAB (~c ~SF @S qf gK), A@ا AcKcm ceU AF - U gKF-@S q gK rN- ATU-ATr sc - jq AAmA AS^q mgAc@ | cm䨩, gK-Acr BUTAv PcArFvq jTS s, ZS ~AcATr gK cU A@a Sq | @SASq AaU S | q AAS ~Sq j@Av c^ ST@H @ S AAݮ AF (Serious Sahitya) | ASB AcFOOɻ cFA R AcAOn -AnT knq jq ~LAcrɮ AAS ~BS @aS |

ASvS fAU- ~LAO @ BS A, mɩ@ m ~oFS@U BfcAcF c cUAB AaU J j@Av AcK | AAS ZSq r cq ~SF @R OU s OqAaUS AcFOOɻ kn | s AAS OqAaUS S -R m AaU J @a - "The Vietnam War was in full swing at the time. Going to war to save the World for democracy and from Ho Chi Minh was the one postgraduate option I knew I did not wish to exercise." fAU- c@F-ASTɻH gA @q J TS OAnAv ~Sgc @ A ~T | ~TA@ SfA sZS cAr @S O pA @ ZS swf TS S J | fAU BSfA TSK SS, AcF-rpU@ ~S @ SR j@ Sf - @cU jq AXo^q jQn s c S | J TS R TSS fT-cAgk TSAc@ TZR ~T sS OA@ Z ASUT jq c@F ޻H | jq TS S @U wcKH F ew BSF AS AS g̩ R kcceU ( ceUr) -Wv, wT-TخU AS AS @v S S AAS | ~TA@ BSoH BfcS-sS s mha^F ~-B^ ~gFm - @ ~S@vq j g̩f Tr BfcS-sn R empA@ cI ASAaUS ASvS c fAU ST jq cFA | ~TA@ rA^ SɰU mhac@ (Peace Corps Volunteer) 1963- b@- j MJaUS F sc@ fAU | WUS A^A ~U | Aw^-f TWS , OJި mr @ wUS SHw | @fSZU Sf f cArU | jq cArU - BfcSS^ ޮf ceU ASAc۩ J ToF @ cA ~ɮc ceU AF j@ ^ wcK@ - ZSR J BS AaU S | A@ا WvS jvq | cArU sTS BfcSS^, TSq fAUR | q AF-wcK@ ASvS Ac. fAU- T @B @Ac BfcSS^@ AS | ceU AF jq H esw J BfcS ~ AcAha^ U S | anBfcS iF AcK AaU Bfc-AcF; kc ceU j T AaUS cArU BU mU AcS-ArQ@ - ZS @ d @ @TBfcS rK @US Ar@w AcrAcFU AQH jrf i-rpU (South Asian Studies) Acgw ~oF@ | JAnr ca ZS s @ cTS AAS ~c- | ceU AF ~S@ Acgwq AcOH @aS AAS | ToFsw TH ~Sf OS @pAc T JOAU ~ TU@cF ; rɽ ްcAU ~ Tq@U TokS TWSɰ co @cF ; cf^S ~ Tf Tr̬ S-j UZ ; BfcSS^ @Ac @ ceUr SFA@ AAB TS-j ɲA@ SFɮ | A@ا jq c OS e@US sZS AcSFm U j@Av w^ q TUv ToF ZS UZ@ -cq ST@H @US cArU ~F Ac - cArU aA |

~T A sq fAU- cArU T AO ASAU - q 1963 ZfN | cZw BU @^-r cArU | cArU BU mU Agq j@Av -U cA ~cFcY j@Av rAH@Q AAS @S | q Wq j@ @H @AS mvg-j cU J ^ @ A sS AZ-oTɻcUcf cpXo BS cFA | ZSR cArU cB KU ~S j@ v@ ~ O ݮ j@ ~S Ac cO@S OU | q W AcF ~U AaU S | ^F ^ UxiS ~U ; ^F fAU UZ-ަ @S ~ j@Av UxiS ~U | cArU q AcFlfS AnAU UxiS ~U c @B @c T J@ A@ Tr @Tɩ S ? Tr ~^@ T Bw @ BfcS ɩ gUc ! A@ا Tr @ UZ Sq jq ~LAO |

~a cCAU ~ɦ \UZ | ~ɦ (adda) rNAvq cFc @aS fAU, s Ai@ qeAB ArN Sq ~ɦ- | qSqv mvv qSTrS Ag- j mSf @sɻU ~Ao@ةɻ AaUS wUT A@cA | ZS ~ɮS cBTS @UB @@BS lf ~oF@ | A@cA cq AaUS ToFTAH ; rSS TB TB w\, ~ cf^S @Ac |

fAU ~S@ Tq W cS cArU - c m jce wAU | ZS AAS BfcSS^ STR rSSAS | ~LAO-j ~T A - "... I came to realize only several years later - I was actually walking past Jibananda Das's old house, the house where he was born and lived most of his life, until leaving for good for Kolkata in 1946, the year prior to Independence and partition. Oddly, I knew nothing of Jibanananda during my year and nine months in Barisal."

Ar@w- A j sZS ԰AQH jrf gK R gF Acgw A. jqO. A. @c @B ~LASw @US fAU, ZSq AAS BfcSS^@ BSUS | ~: jq ~LAO ~ ASB BfcS F-AO S A@ ~w AS | AcUfS wa BfcSS^ @Ac wb cTS | fAU ޮf ceU- \UZ @aS ; BfcSS^ @Ac AcAg^ A @c J@ J@ A j R ~Xg ~Jo j@ @Ac Av m@p ~Scɰ Xop R cFZF @ rK @aS OSAv | BfcSS^ @ػ J ~Sgc J gKq rS s@ — "The world of war made no sense to him; his poetry to that period reflected senselessness. He did not live to see the Vietnam War, a war that, as I noted, made little sense to me." BfcSS^ A ; g̩, kc A@mS, ceUr A fAU- Y ~AgTZ jgcq ~T cI AS A |

cf @U ASvS fAU J ~oFS Qn AcS @US | BfcAcF a OU jUS ceU AF iS-iS | AAS @U@ɩ j A. jqO. A.- wcKH-^g m䨩 @US BfcSS^ @Ac AS | sɰcި AcrAcFU USTkU@ AF Acgw ~oF@ . Sr - LLcoS ASy^ J ^gAv kH ST - "Doe in Heat : A Critical Biography of the Bengali Poet Jibanananda Das (1899 - 1954) with Relevant Literary History from the Mid -1920s to the Mid 1950s". - jq @BAv @c T @U@ɩ R kcceUq AaU J ccɮ | J@ Z s @U@ɩ AcAg^ w^w ; J@ R s AcrKgc ޡr @Ac A^oF | r^-@xi, ATgKf jq sc@ ZS fA-ZF cJo AaUS AEOTc ~S@q | jZSR q @ػ @S @S Qn ~vv ~a | TI TI g ~S AAS |

jq wcKH-^g @Ar a Ar@w AcrAcFU @ 1976-j | fAU Ar@w AcrAcFU AQH-jrf gK-empA Acgw ceU ~oF@ cp US | jZS J cA̤ @Tf R ArQ@ iUS jRɦ A. AT@ | AT@-R ceU gK R AF ~@pAnT ~Swf, cf^S A ASAc rXorfU ~oF@, ~TA@ ceU gK-OOɻ Qn ~SFT A@pl, ceU AF ~Scɰ@ | jq e@US w^Av J@q lw @aS fAU - lw-AUA AUZaS -"In memory of / Edword C. Dimock, Jr. / teacher, friend, and colleague, / pioneer American Scholar of Bangla, / and inspiration incarnate"

A Poet Apart
BfcSS^@ ~cUcS @ AUAZ ~R j@Av ~TSF wcKH-w^ ~a fAU- -
"A Poet Apart : A Literary Biography of the Bengali Poet Jibanananda Das (1899 - 1954)" (University of Delaware Press; London and Toronto, 1990) ZSR ceU gK BfcSS^ BfcSf AcK@ @S kH THF w^ @Ar AS | j@Av BfcSf-w^ @ة hO jq cqAv ZU cI sc | BfcSS^ s-c Bw cɮ @S, s-c AS @B @aS, @ @ AaU J wAAcAo - jcq ިSިgc ~SH @c O @aS AAS | U jSaS c F | wcKH @B @S Fq ha S, jq F ATk ~Sgk J cqAv @ | q BfcSS^ ~Acgɻc T Tw r-@U ^S AaS AAS ~T | Acr r@ To ~Acg ceU BPSA@, TAB@ R empA@ ATU @TS AaU ; mofS R rAcgw ~AgWɩ @fgc Ac^ @AaU TSK@ jce AcrK gc BfcSS^ T mr@ɩ TS ~^TZ @Ac@ - U oaS fAU jq w^ | ̧ ~T Aa fAU @ BfcSS^ @Ac cr A@a ~Scɰ |

ASvS fAU j@Av AcrAcFU ~^w j@Av Acgw ~oFS AL AaUS fWAS | AcAr an ceUgK AcAg^ sɻ AF @ػ i R ZS | ަc BSF BSf ̬^ cq qeAB gK AaU ~U | an BS Tvc BSF q qeAB cf AF@pA AcAg^ A@ cFZF @ c AL AS AaU ~oF@q q kn fAUR AUZAaUS j@Ao@ c^ s AcK ceU AF | qc c^ @q j@Av AScɻAO e@US cTS w^Av - cArU ~F Ac |
It rained all night
jZSq cU Z s , fAU ~Scɰ @aS Tw TWSɰco @cF | ~Scɰ-w^Av ST ԰F mAe ~c TWSɰ : ~ TH T @UASU cU | ~Sc BSF jq cqAv AQH jrf-AcFOOɻ-AK j. @. TSBS ިm a | kcɻ ~ v ~v ... w^AvR 1993 AZN a ~r@@بT @ ~S^ ިm | AURSɦ SS-j sgc T rɽ ewf ~Scɰ @aS fAU ; q rAr ~Scɰ @aS cXoc c AcA@ػ SFɮ ɩ g cpA - S F Sqv ; cAS ~TA ~cm @ cqAv A ʨqS @ qv qS ~U Sqv ST @Ar a |

~T jZS ~T ~UOF c^ e@USAv AcKcm jce OS-pA@H UQF @c | sTS, c^ΩAU@ T UZ@ ~LAOTkU@ j@Av kc@ AcSFm @aS, TSq AU@ rK es @aS TokS @ d @ ɲA@ @U s^ q ceU AF jce Acr®AF AQةw eU AS j@Av TA-c^ | ST - jAUw @ATe ~F wAe : T TokS v F ɮ ~c v | ToF ~a Av OS | AU AcKcm snT - g̩O^ ~^TU@cF, cf^OS R TU@cF ToF j@Av US, OF R EOɩF T@AcF@ T ɮ, ATUvS jce TokS OS T^U, TokS cH jce T ASTɻH, TWSɰco @cF H, TWSɰco @cF sw-AcS QF, cSU S @Ac j@Av ASAc i, BfcSS^ AcogɮTkU@ ~Ue@, ceU AF i pA@H, Tf Trɬ S j OS, cf^OS jce FABl ިSASTɻH ToFT Ag^, B AF OAn jce ceU r UAZ@ AAB TS-j SFɮ AAɮ AF A@ػ ~UOS |

AAv c^ cAU A@ ~UOS @ c S, jce BSR Sq | ~T Zc O @c ceU AF ~cU@S ASvS fAU- pAgA PcArF |

g̩O^ ~^TU @cF@ @^ @ s c^Av AUAZ a ZS TU@cF wiS jce @s@A̩ AcK -fW ~UOS ~a | A\UAZ a T@ب^ OfTU @cF jce ~R @S @S ~-oS TU@cF AcKcm R wiS-fA | AcrKgc fAU AZaS g̩O^ ~^TU @cF oTASQ OAnAv | jq @cF ~AgTAZS cf A S, B @pGO^ A ; jq @cF c aA oS ia TAUT rɮ@ ~Ao@p ceU A^B @pGO^ ~cmSkO@ cmc |

cf c^ - qv q mv@O vw ~F TU@cF ~F^ @MkU f@ j@Av OS | cf^S ԩ r Sv@ TU@cF j@Av T^U US Amϩ @aS fAU | ~T AT@ Acm @Av J Ac@ػ cp A | A@ا fAU- AcrKH ~T ԩ r @ػ SS j@Av BSU ZU c | ~T J gKq J T^cF Z AS A -

"Land of the Cards is every bit as transparently didactic as the medieval narratives. Moreover, by using what is essentially a mangal kavya plot structure, Tagore has added emphasis to his message. That structural feature, because of its association with mangal kavya literature, carries its own meaning : Whatever is being illustrated is important to your welfare - audience take heed !" (p. 45)

The Slaying of Meghanada
TWSɰco @cF @ػ s c^AU AUZaS fAU, AU j@Av \UZswF AcK U @Ac @pAc TH ~Sf @cFAv sswF dL mf@pA | ~T sZS TWSɰco @cF T R cH OAn ~UOS @A ZS ~T mpA-em Bw @ c\TfA@ TH jce TokS OS | A@ا ~T ToFcf m cCAU j@^ ASBm @pAcɮf TJOAU @cFAv@ TS AZS | ~O TokS Q jq OS Zcq mgAc@ AaU | Orްf @AccAU ToFsw ceU AF cAco \UZ ~T TS | @fAcɮ @pAcɮ @Ac@ TokS rXoR BASaS | fAU AZaS s, TokS T R cH OAn A@\S @Ac @pAc @cF gkAT@ @T AaUS | jZSR oH cCAU i@ j@v S O cS | @H c\TfA@ TH oA OAn R TWSɰco @cF-j TSS - BU ~AgBF TIZS wTceU TJOAU s sB@ ~a jq FAv ~T oH TS @S |

j Av c^ ~cUcS a BfcSS^ @Ac | "ArAve f-B ~F cSU S" | jZS J ~UOS AcK a TU T | jq TU @S TU ? TUAr ~c g TUc @kU, sZS @ TUAU gK-gAK TSK | fAU TS @aS BfcSS^ AUAZ TU rNAv TU rN @ ASy^ AcrKH | oH ~T cSU S @AcAv cFcY TU jce AeU-@ rfU jce TUAr gc ~gFm | A@ا fAU cU OaS - BfcSS^ g̩f fH (ASSU- ceU - @Ac rNAv cFc @aS of^S ) aA s OSAS jq @Ac | AeU ~B Ac m^ A@ا UXf j@ T gq ~ AaU | ~SFA@ TU w - TUc @kUcf T-~er | jq cU ToFq AAS ^S @aS J cSU S@ | rFTcH, @pG@ب^U ~ݩSS cSU S@ AAS ^S @AaUS jq g BU TAv | j BSFq fAU cSU S @Ac s SS ~Scɰ @aS Xop @aS c^Av jce T^cF @aS s jq ~ScɰAvq U ABRwA@AU @@v | -

"For thousands of years I've been roaming the paths of this earth, / From waters round Sri Lanka, in dead of night, to seas up the / Malabar Coast." (p. 130)

ASvS fAU ɽS kc-A@mS jce cTS ceUr waS ~S@c | J iS-cp kcceU AAF@R ~aS | m^gc Av c^ AAS ASr r@ jce ASr R Acr r@ A^QH AcAr UZ@ Tf Tr̬ S-j AF jce Acr r@ rK c UZ@ AAB TS j SFɮ AS ~UOS @aS | ~ j@Av c^ (AgAe ceU AUvO) AAS rT TS, rf @ɰf, BfcSS^ R Tr© cf@ ~UOS A̮ AS jaS | jq c^Av EOɩF AO^Ac OZ OF ~ɻl RAxvAUBT-j ASTɻH jRɦ q-j AcZFɩ w^Av ja |

cArU ~F Ac - jq c^ e@USAv s AccH ~T r @UT, ZS @ ASvS fAU- ceU AF AcK ~w, ASAc iS, m^ ASBm pAgA AO R wU | A@ا s AOAv R wUS, U J ~^Amϩ cFAL Y R TSS AAU m | fAU- @a AFi J TSccoq H | c^AU AcAg^ ~er jq TS AO ~T c | ~TA@ SwA@ ASvS fAU Acr®gF q ^@ ZaS | AcUɮ O ަ AU Acf ~a AcF ~U ~ A̮ BU MJaS - jTS ~S@ ~S@ ~U | aA ~a ~A@, g̩f Tr jAr ިc R AEOT ^ | fAU jq ASU@ pAcf@ ~S @ OaS | ceU AF sFq AAS w ASaS q | j BSFq BfcSS^ r J H @Ac | BfcSS^ ~Xg ~Jo j@ @AcAv m-@p ~Scɰ AAS J T ~LAO AUZSAvq AaS | jq @AcAv@ AAS \UZ @aS, -"... most prophetic, most intelligible, and, to my mind, most sensible" OS cU | jq OSAv rK OAv an Xop @ ~T rK @c ASvS Ac fAU- jq c^-e@US A@ػ ~UOS - "Jibanananda's words would ??? tree, unfortunatley, for more than a decade to come : the world did indeed not dare make a move without the deluded guiding advice of those with no vision at all." (p. 6)

(cɮ-46, vc, 2010)

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