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  • Selected Poems of Buddhadeva Bose
    Buddhadeva Bose (Tr. Ketaki Kushari Dyson)

    In English : In English | Language: English | Category: Poems | Publisher: OUP | Price: $ 49.95 | Price: Rs. 595
    In Bengali literature Buddhadeva Bose was truly a phenomenon. A versatile writer, comfortable in genres as diverse as poetry, novel, short story, drama, essay, travelogue, and memoir---he was also an influential editor and critic, a translator of poetry who had a profound impact on younger poets, a writer for children, and a pioneer in comparative literary studies. This volume presents a substantial selection of Bose's poems in English translation along with a detailed Introduction by the translator Ketaki Kushari Dyson, herself a distinguished bilingual poet, and necessary critical apparatuses. This book will prove useful to students and teachers of language and literature, Indian writing in translation, translation studies, as well as general readers.