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  • Inflammable--A Poem By Joy Goswami [Parabaas Translation] : Joy Goswami
    translated from Bengali to English by Bhismadev Chakrabarti


    Joy Goswami

    translated from the original Bengali by
    Bhismadev Chakrabarti

    strange, isn't it—
    all through life
    every single day, the one thing
    that burnt most,
    wouldn't go up in flames after all!

    the mind

    isn't touched by fire—
    on the steel stretcher when you
                                        enter the furnace.

    Published December, 2012

    The original poem [Dahya (দাহ্য)] was first published in the noted Bengali periodical Desh (দেশ) along with other poems in a group titled Prem o Mrityur Kabita ('Poems of Love and Death', প্রেম ও মৃত্যুর কবিতা). It has been collected later in the book Aamar Shyamashree Ichhe Aamar Swagataa Iccheguli (আমার শ্যামশ্রী ইচ্ছে, আমার স্বাগতা ইচ্ছেগুলি), published by Ananda Publishers, Kolkata, in 2007.

    Illustrated by Ananya Das. Author of several books and an illustrator, Ananya Das is based in Pennsylvania.

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