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  • Four Songs of Lalon Phokir : Lalon Phokir
    translated from Bengali to English by Carol Salomon

    When will I be united
    with the Man of my Heart?

    Day and night
    like a rainbird
    I long for the Dark Moon,
    hoping to become his maidservant.
    But this is not my fate.

    I caught a glimpse
    of my Dark Lord in a dream,
    and then he was gone
    like a flash of lightning
    vanishing into the cloud it came from, leaving no trace.

    Meditating on his image
    I lose all fear of disgrace.
    Poor Lalon says,
    He who always loves,

    Published in Parabaas April 20, 2011

    We thank Professor Joanna Kirkpatrick for sending us this translation by late Carol Salomon. We also thank Professor Richard Salomon to grant us permission to publish it in Parabaas.

    অলংকরণ (Artwork) : Nilanjana Basu
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