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  • Fool : Sankha Ghosh
    translated from Bengali to English by Nandini Gupta

    Heartily I live, you'll find,
    In a world of impostors, blind.

    I touch him or her and say,
    'Why turn this way, that way?

    Throw off once your shroud,
    Laugh out reckless, loud.'

    They who hear me, cry,
    'Who the devil's this spy?'

    Even that kid from school,
    Shaking his fingers cries 'Fool!'

    Fool I've been since then,
    Near Shyambazar, my den.

    The original poem [bokaa* by sha~Nkha ghoshh*] appeared in the collection of poems aadim lataagulmamaY*, first published in 1972. The poems in this collection were written during 1970-71.

    Published in Parabaas: May, 2001

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