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  • At the Bend : Sankha Ghosh
    translated from Bengali to English by Nandini Gupta

    Today, it is not for me to speak,
    yet, let me say:
    Here I stand at the bend of the road,

    before me
    the long trunk shorn of its branches
    cold and silent,

    within the crevices of its ageing bark
    the capitulations of many decades,

    also, possibly,
    the memories of having sheltered some,
    the rise and the fall of the axe;

    the sounds and prints of the many footsteps fading
    towards the Ganga

    leave me here,
    age-wrecked, blind and

    The original poem [pather baa.Nke* by sha~Nkha ghoshh*] appeared in the collection of poems under the title baabarer praarthanaa*, in 1976. The poems in this collection were written during 1974-76. The poet received the Sahitya Akademi Award for this book.

    Published in Parabaas: May, 2001

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