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  • Alone--A Poem By Sankha Ghosh, translated by Nandini Gupta [Parabaas Translation] : Sankha Ghosh
    translated from Bengali to English by Nandini Gupta


    Sankha Ghosh

    translated from the original Bengali by

    Nandini Gupta

    what tender age, how tender my heart was

    when padma you bid me goodbye

    today in my heart I know not you not you

    it was I who forsook myself in the night.

    for that crime, Nurul, you left me behind

    and went to war on your own

    for that crime today I sit and watch

    your sole grief, sole death, triumph.

    Published October, 2011

    The original poem [Eka (একা)] appeared in the collection of poems under the title Adim lotagulmomoy(আদিম লতাগুল্মময়), in 1972. The poems in this collection were written during 1970-71.

    Translated by Nandini Gupta

    Illustrated by Ananya Das. Author of several books and an illustrator, Ananya Das is based in Pennsylvania.

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    ©Parabaas 2011

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