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  • Asad's Shirt : Shamsur Rahman
    translated from Bengali to English by Bhismadev Chakrabarti

    Like crimson poppies in the wind
    Or perhaps like the blood red sunset clouds
    Asad's shirt flutters in the spotless blue sky

    The sister wove a few stars on it
             with delicate heartstring
    The mother, ever-loving, put it out to dry
             in the golden backyard sun.

    Beyond the gentle shades of the dalim
             and the cosy backyard sun
    The shirt now flutters proud
             From city streets,
             From factories, chimneys, towers
             and echoing corners of central avenues
    It flutters, flutters on
             To the sun-drenched heartlands
             To every march of our souls.

    Our cowardice, our shame, our vice
    Now covered by a single piece of human cloth
    Asad's shirt is now the flag of our lives.

    Published November, 2020

    The original poem [Asad's Shirt (আসাদের শার্ট)] appeared in the collection of poems under the title Nijo Basbhumey(নিজ বাসভূমে), in 1970.

    অলংকরণ (Artwork) : Nilanjana Basu
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