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  • Land : Sunil Kumar Nandi
    translated from Bengali to English by Nandini Gupta

    Do I myself know ---all that well---
    what brings me here? And yet, I've been here long.
    Lay your hand on my breast, deep within,
    the heart might give some inkling
    of the sounds
    in the senses mingled.

    Unravelling the urban cunning, as if on cue,
    these sounds summon before my eyes
    the face that lies
    in the shade of the mango coconut jaam hijal trees,
    the intimacy I persuaded to remain in those distant croplands,
    while I,
    swept along in the sinuous mixed currents,
    arrived at the expansive light-dazzled stage,
    got up as court-jester.

    Long ago! Today, when you draw close
    with the pond's breath, coolness
    my consciousness
    greedily searches for a refuge in the senses, searches
    for some land beneath the feet.

    Published May 5, 2002

    The original poem 'Bhumi' ('ভূমি') by Sunil Kumar Nandi appeared in the collection of poems Maati, Jol, Smriti (মাটি, জল, স্মৃতি). The poems in this collection were written during 1980 through 1993.
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