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  • Clinging To Your Feet by Dvijendralal Ray : Dvijendralal Ray
    translated from Bengali to English by Dvijendralal Ray

    Clinging To Your Feet by Dvijendralal Ray

    Clinging To Your Feet

    Dvijendralal Ray

    I lie clinging to your feet,

    but you never look at me, Mother.

    You're lost in your own play,

    and engrossed in your own emotion.

    What is this sport you revel in

    across earth, heaven and the underworld?

    The entire universe closes its eyes in terror,

    and calls out "Mother, Mother!"

    while clutching at your feet.

    In your hands, Kali, you hold

    the world's final destruction.

    Under your feet

    even the great Shiva

    lies unconscious.

    Wild laughter issues from your mouth

    and streams of blood flow down your limbs.

    Tara*, forgiving one, end our fear!

    Pick me up like a baby in your arms.

    Come shining like a star,

    with a smiling face

    and in fair dress, like the dawn

    after a pitch-black night!

    All these days, O Terrible Kali,

    I've worshiped only you.

    My puja is done, Mother.

    Won't you put down your sword?

    *The word for star in Bengali is also "tara."

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