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  • You're A Poor Farmer! by Ramprasad Sen : Ramprasad Sen
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    You're A Poor Farmer! by Ramprasad Sen
    You're A Poor Farmer!
    Ramprasad Sen

    You're a poor farmer, mind of mine!

    You've let the precious field of human life

    sit fallow too long.

    If only you had planted right

    a golden crop would be yours by now!

    If you had fenced it around

    with the name of Ma Kali,

    no one could ever seize it from you.

    Even the God of Death couldn't smash

    the stout barrier of the wild-haired Goddess.

    Don't you know it could be confiscated

    from under your feet this very moment

    or a hundred years hence?

    Mind, the ownership rights are still yours -

    whisk away the harvest this minute!

    The Guru planted the seeds,

    but the rain of your devotion

    must irrigate the fields.

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