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  • It Comes to Nothing by Ramprasad Sen : Ramprasad Sen
    translated from Bengali to English by

    Human rebirth is the hope of hopes,

    but my coming into the world

    was just coming,

    and came to nothing in the end.

    A bee imagines a painting

    to be the real lotus

    and stubbornly hovers near.

    Mother, you tricked me with words

    and fed me neem leaves

    saying they were sugar.

    My mouth slavered for sweet

    but tasted only bitter.

    You have cheated me

    my whole life long.

    You put me on earth saying

    "It's time for us to play,"

    but the game you played

    only disappointed me.

    Ramprasad says this outcome

    of the game of existence

    was always meant to be.

    Now night falls, come and take

    your tired child home.
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