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    Nobel prize winning poet, writer, painter, thinker, maverick educational reformer and perhaps the greatest song writer of all times - Rabindranath Tagore (1861-1941) remains a revered figure in both Bangladesh and India. The open-air school, Shantiniketan, founded by him to promote his unique vision of education continues to flourish to this date. In the history of British India, his may be the single towering personality equaling that of Gandhi.

    Despite the incredible adulation received from Bengalis, Tagore is nearly forgotten in the West and known sparsely to non- bengali- speaking Indians, thanks to a dearth of good translations of his work. Compared to his contemporaries his views on political, social and educational matters seem vastly more rational by today's standards. Yet his fear of losing track of the essential in pursuit of populist symbolism kept him out of active and confrontational politics. Tagore believed that he would eventually reach the masses and be remembered for his songs - a prediction that could not have been more accurate. A hundred years after they were composed, his songs are more popular than ever before among Bengalis. His compostions have been adopted by two nations, India and Bangladesh, as their national anthems.

    The Rabindranath Tagore Issue is Parabaas's attempt to host a bi-lingual portal to the diverse literature on Tagore available on the Web as well as to be the central point of a Web-based research project on Tagore. We will publish essays, criticisms, biographical articles and other items, including satires, caricatures, audio and video files related to Tagore and his work. The articles will be either in bengali or in english. The site will be periodically updated.

    As with all other sites hosted by Parabaas, a large part of the content is composed of contributions from our readers. We greatly encourage our readers and Tagore enthusiasts to share with us their Tagore-related work. After all, only the Web, with its many angles and viewpoints, gives us the unique opportunity of discovering a newer and more fascinating side of the 'myriad-minded man' every day.

    Please send all contributions to parabaas@parabaas.com.

    Pencil sketch by Dhriti Bhattacharya
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