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    Besides Books by Satyajit Ray, we present here the books, special issues of magazines, special brochures on Satyajit Ray, etc. We also include some other books with significant content related to Satyajit and his work.

    Clearly, this list is under construction and is rather incomplete. We strongly encourage visitors to contribute materials that fall within the scope of this page. Right now we have a single list with books in English first, followed by those in Bengali.
    SR_benegal_satyajit_a Satyajit Ray ("Benegal on Ray" -- A Film by Shyam Benegal) Script reconstructed by Alaknanda Datta and Samik Bandyopadhyay Cover Design: Ashit Paul Pub.: 1988; Seagull Books; Kolkata; Pp. 114 ISBN: 81 7046 021 2

    Notes: "Conceived around Shyam Benegal's two-hour-long film on Satyajit Ray, this volume brings together the script of the film, selections from Benegal's extensive interviews with Ray, and a rare selection of visual material documenting Ray as designer, illustrator, film director and scriptwriter."

    SR_robinson_innereye_a Satyajit Ray - The Inner Eye Andrew Robinson Cover Jacket Photograph: Nemai Ghosh Pub.: 1989; Andre' Deutsch Ltd.; UK Univ. of California Press Ed., Berkeley and Los Angeles, 1989; Pp. 412 ISBN: 0-520-06905-6

    Notes: Short biography of Ray followed by film by film analysis of his work. There is a brief chapter on Ray as illustrator, designer, and writer. The book deals upto Ganashatru (The Enemy of the People), and therefore needs to be updated in its next edition. Includes filmography, and bibliography, and a large number of illustrations and photographs.

    SR_nimai_manikda_a মানিকদা (maanikadaa) Nemai Ghosh Cover: Subrata Ghosh Photographs: Nemai Ghosh Pub.: 2000; Bingsha Shatabdi, Kolkata; Pp. 96 ISBN: 81-87757-00-8

    Note: A beautifully produced book with a personal essay by the author followed by a collection of over fifty impressive photographs of the master director in action. Covers the period from 1968 through 1991.

    SR_soumitra_manikdar_a মানিকদের সঙ্গে (maanikadaar sa~Nge) Soumitra Chattopadhyay Cover: Debabrata Ghosh Pub.: 1993; Revised Ed. 1998; Ajkal, Kolkata; Pp. 112

    Note: Personal reminiscences by the leading actor in maximum number of Ray's films. Contains a 10-page index of films of satyajit Ray wwhich featured Soumitra as an actor.

    সত্যজিৎ (satyajit.h) Dilip Mukhopadhyay Cover: Pranabesh Maiti Pub.: 1986; Banishilpa, Kolkata; Pp. 152

    Note: Collection of essays on Satyajit's films covering upto Jana Aranya (The Middleman), originally published between 1969 through 1976 in various magazines such as Cine Technique, Movie Montage, Antorjaatik Angik etc.

    SR_manasi_chhobirnaam_a ছবির নাম সত্যজিৎ (chhabir naam satyajit.h) Manasi Dasgupta Cover & Cover Photograph: Prabir Sen, and Tarapada Banerjee Pub.: 1984; 3rd reprint 1992; Ananda, Kolkata; Pp. 85 ISBN: 81-7066-590-6

    Note: Personal reminiscences.

    SR_surabhi_kathashilpi_aকথাশিল্পী সত্যজিৎ - প্রতিভা ও পরম্পরা (kathaashilpI satyajit.h pratibhaa o paramparaa) Surabhi Bandyopadhyay Cover: Debabrata Ghosh Pub.: 1993; Dey's Publishing, Kolkata; Pp. 137 ISBN: 81-7079-280-0

    SR_debashis_tothyoponji_a সত্যজিৎ রায় : তথ্যপঞ্জী (satyajit.h raaY: tathyapa~nji) Debasis Mukhopadhyay Cover: Debabrata Ghosh Pub.: 2001; Srishti Prakashan, Kolkata; Pp. 135 ISBN: 81-7870-065-4

    Note: Will be quite useful as a reference. Contains major milestones in his life, plus bibliography, filmography, lists of musics composed, discography, etc. However, some of the information may not remain upto date or accurate.

    SR_somnath_hasigolpe_a হাসি গল্পে সত্যজিৎ (haasi galpe satyajit.h) Somnath Ray Cover: Sandip Ray Pub.: 1999; Ananda, Kolkata; Pp. 86 ISBN: 81-7215-520-4

    Note: Collection of anecdotes showing the lighter, humorous side of Satyajit.
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