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  • Abani, are you home? : Shakti Chattopadhyay
    translated from Bengali to English by Sutapa Chaudhuri

    The neighbourhood sleeps, doors closed tight
    Only I hear the frequent knocking at night
    ‘Abani are you home?’

    It rains here the whole year round
    Here the clouds graze like pregnant cows
    Spiteful, the green reed-like grass is found
    Pressing on the door, covering the house
    ‘Abani are you home?’

    In my half-slumbering heart I fall asleep
    Wrapped in a pain, distant and deep
    Suddenly I hear the old Night knocking
    ‘Abani are you home?’

    The original poem 'Abani, are you home?' (অবনী বাড়ি আছো?) is collected in Shakti's second book of poems 'Dhormeo achho, giraffe-o achho' (ধর্মেও আছো জিরাফেও আছো) published in October 1965 by Bikkhan Prakash Bhavan (বীক্ষণ প্রকাশ ভবন), Kolkata.

    Parabaas, June 2017
    Illustrated by Ananya Das Author of several books and an illustrator, Ananya Das is based in Pennsylvania.
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