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  • Contributors to the Buddhadeva Bose Section of Parabaas :

    Contributors to the Buddhadeva Bose Section of Parabaas

    Contributors to the Buddhadeva Bose Section of Parabaas

    Many of the contributors to this section also have published articles in the other sections of Parabaas. We are providing appropriate links in such cases.

    Alokeranjan Dasgupta

    Clinton B. Seely

    Damayanti Basu Singh

    Hanne-Ruth Thompson's main area of research is Bengali grammar. She did her MA in German and English literature and language, with the main emphasis on structural linguistics. After living in Bangladesh for almost four years she wrote a short grammar and dictionary of colloquial Bengali for foreigners. This led straight into her doctoral studies at SOAS on selected grammatical structures of Bengali under the supervision of William Radice. Since obtaining her PhD in 2004 she has written various articles and a concise Bengali dictionary for Hippocrene in New York. Her main current project is a comprehensive new grammar of Bengali for which she has a contract with Routledge.

    Articles in Parabaas:
    Bathroom (Translation; 01-04-09)

    Kaushik Sen, based in Kolkata, is a noted director and actor of Bengali dramas.

    Articles in Parabaas:
    Buddhdeb Basu'r Natak o `Swapna-sandhani' (Reflections on Bose's dramas produced by the author, 12-15-2004)

    Monisha Basu, is based in Kolkata.

    Articles in Parabaas:
    Nepothyo-Natok (A review of performance of Budhadeva Bose's drama, 10/2011)

    Nandan Datta

    Nandini Gupta

    Samir Sengupta


    Suddhashil Basu, son of Buddhadeva Bose, graduated from Indiana University, Bloomington, U.S.A. Was a regular feature writer for Desh under the penname of "Moulinath". Taught Comparative Literature at Jadavpur University until his untimely death in 1988 at the age of 43.

    Articles in Parabaas:
    Drishtikon: Kendrabindu Sare Gele (Memoir in Bangla, 06-15-2004)

    Kumar Roy, born in 1926, and based in Kolkata, is a well-known personality in the world of Bengali drama. He has been associated with "Bahurupi" since 1948. Currently he is the Director of the Group and Editor of Bahurupi Patrika. Written many books on Bengali theatre.

    Articles in Parabaas:
    Manab-Itihaser Ek Krantikal ebang Buddhadeb Basur Char Kavya-Natak (Bangla Essay, 06-15-2004)

    Published in Parabaas June 15, 2004.

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