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  • Biographical Sketch: Girindrasekhar Basu (1887-1953) : Parabaas

    "Girindrasekhar Basu [or Bose] (30 January 1887 - 3 June 1953), the youngest son of Chandrasekhar and Lakshimoni, began his schooling at Darbhanga, where his father was the Dewan of the Maharaja. He went on to study Science at Presidency College, Calcutta, and stood first at the Bachelor's level in Chemistry and Physiology. He later went on to found the Indian Psychoanalytical Society in 1922. He is perhaps better known for his contributions to the field of psychology - both Experimental and Abnormal, and as the founder of psychological clinics and asylums. As a student of Calcutta Medical College, he was also keenly interested in Magic and Hypnotism. In fact, under the name of 'Yogi Girindrasekhar', he displayed his magic and his hypnotic powers frequently." (excerpted from Lal-Kalo)

    His elder brother Rajsekhar Basu (1880-1960), or "Parashuram" is a very well-known figure in Bengali literature.

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