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  • If I find love : Shakti Chattopadhyay
    translated from Bengali to English by Nandini Gupta
    If I find love | For you some words

    If I find love, I would turn things upside down,
    Let my eyes take me where they find delight.
    If I find love, I would not want rice pudding
    But savour, over days, food the poor eat.
    If I find love, I’d discard fancy clothes,
    Hop skip and jump under the fierce sun.
    “Baboon” they call me – bliss-seeking beggars—
    I’d punch their jaws. Or better, kick their asses.

    If I find love, all will be well, I know.
    If not, would I dumbly wait? Not bellow,
    Nor bawl? But just sit there, hurt, outwitted?
    Without love, would my days pass thus,
    Like a thief, or loud with laments, unmindful—
    Love knows, how furiously I want her.

    Translation of চতুর্দশপদী নং ৬৩/ভালোবাসা পেলে, included respectively in 'সে তার প্রতিচ্ছবি/কুড়ি বছরের কুড়িটি', facsimile editions of the original, limited edition handwritten manuscripts published together as a folder 'প্রিয় করস্পর্শ' ('Priyo Karasparsha') by Parabaas, 2023.
  • If I find love | For you some words
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