• Parabaas
    Parabaas : পরবাস : বাংলা ভাষা, সাহিত্য ও সংস্কৃতি
  • পরবাস | Poem
  • Three Songs of Lalon Phokir : Lalon Phokir
    translated from Bengali to English by Sudipto Chatterjee

    Everyone wonders, "What's Lalon faith?"
    Lalon says, "I've never 'seen' the face
    of Faith with these eyes of mine!"

    Circumcision marks a Muslim man,
    what then marks a Muslim woman?
    A Brahmin I recognize by the Holy thread;
    how do I recognize a Brahmin-woman?

    Everyone wonders, "What's Lalon faith?"

    Some wear a garland and some the tasbi,
    that's what marks the Faiths apart.
    But what marks them apart when
    one is born or at the time of death?

    Everyone wonders, "What's Lalon faith?"

    The whole world talks about Faith,
    everyone displaying their pride!
    Lalon says, "My Faith has capsized
    in this Market of Desire...."

    Everyone wonders, "What's Lalon faith?"

    Published December 25, 2007

    অলংকরণ (Artwork) : Nilanjana Basu
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